Wedding Magician

Why book a Wedding Magician?

When planning your wedding you may be looking to entertain your guests in a unique way, something different that your guest’s will remember. Something that’s a little more than just a Wedding Band, or a Wedding Singer – you can now have the Wedding Magician!

The wedding photo’s. During this early part of the day can usually take up to an hour, depending on the amount of guests. Whether it’s immediate family members or close friends most guests will be standing about waiting their turn at some point. By hiring a wedding magician,  Martin Scarborough will keep the lull moments fresh by entertaining with clever sleight of hand skills mixed with engaging patter leaving all enthralled with his style of perfomance.

The Wedding Breakfast. This part of the day is very popular with close up magic performed in- between the coarses and can work well performed at the tables after the third coarse has ended. A nice ice breaker where a mixture of close up magic and parlour magic can be performed to the whole table. Adding to this, another plus point is that the magic performed will certainly get everyone talking and form acquaintances.

Early evening time. This part of the day is just as the speeches have ended and the room is ready for the changeover into evening time. The DJ has just arrived to set up and evening guests are starting to arrive. Here is another prefect time to book your wedding magician, not too late where too many drinks can be consumed and the magic has no or little meaning then. A high impact moment here to hit your evening guests with real amazement using cards, coins, maybe a watch steal, giving back of course and laced with humour for high entertainment value.